#217 - 🐺 Wolf Game Jugs Launch 💦

+ VeeCon is here!

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  1. Wolf Game Jugs are live!

  2. Updates from VeeCon

  3. The art of sending a DM (not that kind 😉)

Plus, all the web3 headlines, memes, and Tweets of the day.

ai farmer with water jugs

Project Spotlight! 🔭 Wolf Game launches their jugs!🚰 🐺

Wolf Game holders have been patiently waiting for Peak Games. If you are unfamiliar with Wolf Game you may want to familiarize yourself.

It is a blockchain based game where Sheep and Wolves (NFTs) compete for a tempting prize of $WOOL, with deadly high stakes. Think Farmville + gambling. $WOOL is hovering just off it’s lows trading at just under 1 cent, after reaching and all time high of 40 cents in January 2022. If GameFi season hits, it may be a decent bet.

Ok, what are jugs?! Well the are vessels that carry energy for Sheep and Wolves, the two animals in Wolf Game.

To obtain resources you are required to use energy, until now you had to pay a bathhouse fee to have your Sheep/Wolf sit there and recharge. Jugs are now an instantaneous energy boost, making energy more accessible.

K, but why does energy matter? We know resources will have a place in the Peak (increase odds of winning). But to play you need Peak credits, think of them as tickets to enter the different games!

Shout out to Brydisanto for calculating Peak credits, he’s a great follow if you are interested in Wolf Game.

We know there will be 3 Peak games in the initial version (coming in Q2), that will consist of Wolf Wits, Tug of Wool, and another yet to be revealed game. Strategy based gambling vibes.

Some notable holders of Wolf Game assets include: Gmoney, Seedphrase, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Cloudwhite

Here is the whitepaper if you want to learn more!

Notable Tweets ✅

On the web3 wire

MicroStrategy looking at Bitcoin Ordinals for App Development
Michael Saylor is interested in how the protocol that’s set Bitcoin’s community abuzz could lead to software innovation.

DIBA, an NFT Marketplace for Bitcoin goes live 👀
The marketplace will allow users to trade any asset issued on Bitcoin smart contracts or layer 2 networks, such as Lightning Network.

Digital Hong Kong Dollar trial begins 💵
Dubbed the e-HKD or “Cyber Hong Kong Dollar,” its trial run marks another step towards digitizing financial transactions in Hong Kong.

Updates from VeeCon!

You may have noticed some of your discord chats have been a little more quiet than usual. This is likely due to many of those left in NFT projects have travelled to Indianapolis for VeeCon.

VeeCon is a multi-day event for Gary Vee worshippers. It is full of web3 enthusiasts, as well as more traditional business, marketing, and pop culture personalities and presentations.

I haven’t listened to Busta Rhymes since the late 90’s, but glad to know Gary could snag him for a performance. Must have taken his arthritis meds.

It is the start of day 2 at VeeCon and Gary’s keynote is starting soon, so be on the lookout on Twitter for many hot takes and memeable content coming from Gary. He’ll likely tell you to go slap your parents or something. We’re here for it.

Word has it if you lock eyes with Gary for more than 30 seconds he’ll hypnotize you into buying a Veefriend, stay safe out there.

Notable speakers today at VeeCon include:

  • Drew Barrymore

  • Neil Patrick Harris

  • Rich Kleiman

  • Scooter Braun

  • Baron Davis

The Art of Sending a DM

Everyone has sent a DM at one point or another. To a crush, potential employer, for a partnership, or just over a common topic. However, there is an art to sending powerful DMs.

Bubits provides a great breakdown into writing an effective DM. Here at Decentra Daily we have found people to be extremely receptive if approached in the right way. Clear and with a purpose.

Read his thread for great tips, or here is the brief TL DR:


  • Start with a compliment

  • Get straight to the point

  • Keep it short

  • Be clear

Dont’s ❌

  • Start with a “Hey how are you”

  • Send big ass messages

  • Write huge sentences

  • Be rude

You won’t get what you want unless you’re willing to ask for it in the right way. I was able to secure Wiggles through the way I DM’d someone. The amount of valuable web3 connections and opportunities that have arisen through DM’s cannot be understated as well.

If you have something to say, or want….take the leap. Let Bubits guide you.

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