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  • #132 - Beeple's NFT palace opens in 8 weeks 🏰

#132 - Beeple's NFT palace opens in 8 weeks 🏰

Plus, Sewer Passes make $6m and MakersPlace upgrade

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  • Beeple previews his studio grand opening

  • BAYC mini-game tix generate over $6 million

  • MakersPlace to get external contract support

Top 24 hr NFT collection volume

via CoinMarketCap

  1. BAKC - 118 sales earning 840.42 ETH (0.33%)

  2. MAYC - 37 sales earning 523.27 ETH (0.01%)

  3. CryptoPunks - 7 sales earning 503.9 ETH (0.02%)

  4. Otherdeed - 39 sales earning 105.61 ETH (0.17%)

  5. Clone X - 16 sales earning 97.83 ETH (0.28%)

Beeple Studios is opening in 8 weeks

It's been two whole years since Beeple changed the game with his $69 million Christie's auction of Everydays.

What better way to celebrate than with the grand opening of Beeple Studios, coming March 11th?

Check out the trailer with πŸ”Š ⬆️ to get hyped:

Beeple is pumped for the community to visit his physical space in Charleston, South Carolina. The opening event features works from the biggest NFT artists, including @XCOPYART, @refikanadol, @deekaymotion, and @muratpak.

– plus, a "live Everyday performance." πŸ‘€

So this is like a real place ...where I can walk around with, like, my legs?

Yep. Put that Meta Quest Pro down. Beeple first teased his 50,000 sq ft studio, gallery, and meeting space back in October, with a video of some IRL construction workers doing some non-digital demolition.

Artnet reports that the studio is intended to be a dynamic, inclusive place for artists of all levels – with the blockchain harnessed to help artworks travel across the globe onto studio walls.

They describe the space as "a weird mix of Warhol’s studio and Bell Labs in their respective primes, composed of a wild combination of engineers and creatives, building next-gen art with space-age tooling." Damn...

Not impressed yet?

How about this: Beeple wants 1-min video art works from your normie ass to showcase at the opening event. If your work is selected, it will be displayed next to iconic artists and you'll get free tix.

After the Grand Opening, registration for time slots to attend the studio will be available.

Tweets of the day

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Private beta testers compete for daily high scores that get combined into a leaderboard.

On the web3 wire

Yuga Labs tickets to the sewer hold decent floors on OpenSea

On Wednesday – after some technical delays – Yuga Labs dropped their Sewer Passes.

Within hours, they'd raked in 4,000 ETH (over $6 million).

BAYC & MAYC holders could claim a Sewer Pass for free, to gain entry to Yuga's Dookey Dash mini-game mint. Passes are ranked into 4 tiers, depending on the assets in minters' wallets.

If you're an Ape who's not really into playing games, you're free to sell your Pass on OpenSea (some other marketplaces were blocked by the pass smart contract)

– and the floors for each tier are holding up pretty well.

Numbers are a little lower than @punk9059's tweet at time of writing. Tier 1 is going for around 1.6 ETH, while you can now pick up a tier 4 Pass for 4.8 ETH.

But they still look like a good deal – both for the Apes who want to cash in, and those who are looking to ape into Yuga Labs' latest NFT project...

Meme of the day

Only JKing, I'm sure it's a good read.

External contract support coming to MakersPlace

This is apparently the digital art marketplace's most-requested feature:

MakersPlace is now giving creators the ability to import NFTs onto the platform using their own ERC-721 contracts.

Starting this month, artists and memelords can make and sell NFTs on MakersPlace using their own mint contracts, including Manifold contracts (a platform for bespoke NFTs).

Based on the info available, it looks like Manifold worked with MakersPlace to implement the new feature.

The MakersPlace Discord is probably the best place to get updates and details of when you'll be able to start uploading your bespoke contract NFTs.

See ya on the other side! πŸ‘‹

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